Monday, February 26, 2007

Brothels of Ahmedabad - All round U!

Are they licensed? Are they supposed to be there or not to be? Can you recognize them? These were some of the innocuous questions my colleagues fired at me when I informed of these brothels all around you, in the busy roads of Ahmedabad. Yeah in the very same buildings where you go for your dentist, or the ATM. On the Judges Bunglow road, on the CG road, in the truly family areas of Ramdev Nagar, all around you. It was a chance discovery for me on a Sunday evening.

I was watching some movie in the DVD and it was already almost 6PM. Early morning, next day was an important meeting and preparations were entirely pending. Boss had sent reminders. It was already 6 in the evening and the task at hand would take at least 4 – 5 hours. And I went to this brothel, hundred meters from my house. I needed a quick beard trimming for the meeting coming up. I went to my regular saloon and being Sunday there were quite a few people in the waiting. I knew this place close to my house, with a neat and nice board, “Krishna Beauti Parlor” A/ C – For Ladies and Gents. I had shown it to my wife so many times, asking her to visit there for her parlor activities, it was very close by. She was somehow reluctant always – guess at Churchill said, the woman’s gut feeling.

I went in into the parlor in a hurry, there were two three girls at the table and a couple of guys. Well, not an issue, since they work on both ladies and gents. Announced that I need to trim my beard, and the fattish guy lead me into a cubicle. To my surprise he did not have a trimming machine, he opened his comb and scissors! “Aap ke paas machine nahi hai?” I asked about the machine. “Nahi saab, ye to parlor hai, ham machine nahi rakhte” that they do not keep machine since it is predominantly a parlor. He began and a girl walked in. She was sexy! Tight fitting clothes, early twenties, lusty eyes. Thro the reflection in the mirror I passed my sly looks, her looks were steady into my eyes. I was beginning to feel horney. The chap asked, “Saab aap ko massage karana hai?” whether I needed a massage. I was feeling sweat on my brows. It was an occasion, but I was scared. You never know the cops, diseases, my wife watching the still not over movie in the DVD all came into my mind. The girl was damn good, who would not mind trying your luck. My mind was getting screwed. Luckily I did not have money. I knew I was not going ahead with the massage project. Still would leave only after a complete information, gathering information is my profession you see. I asked for the type of massage and the cost. The chap informed all types like bead massage, chest massage and would cost only a hundred and fifty bucks. He was quick enough to add, you can do more and the cost would depend on what you did. She would take you inside and it will be quick. The girl was looking into my eyes, she knew my desire. Luckily I had only forty – fifty bucks in my wallet, and I could not have afforded it. I informed him, today I am very busy, need to go urgently and would definitely return tomorrow evening. I got my bear trimmed and went home. The guy was adept at his job, my wife liked the work. I told here, I had got zero size done on the machine. Even months after she tells me to get my beard at zero size and I smile. This place is just next to my guitar class and my dentist, in the very same building just within hundred meters from my house.

I the last few months I have seen so many Beauty Parlors for Ladies and Gents, with A/C all around. I see the girls working in those places coming in and our, I see guys walking out these places tightening their zips.